The Only Connected Ecosystem
for Kindergarten

Enable every teacher to support all children.

Go beyond math and literacy and promote whole-child development with an academically rigorous curriculum, formative assessment, professional development, and family engagement.

Inspire kindergarteners with meaningful learning experiences.

When teaching is focused on the unique strengths and needs of every child and investigating their natural interests, children learn.

Create seamless connections for families from school to home.

Build meaningful family partnerships easily. Two-way communication and family-friendly resources reinforce and extend what children are learning in the classroom.

Fuel continuous, high-impact improvement.

Boost outcomes with data-driven insights. Focus investment and resources on areas that will make the biggest impact.

The Essential Elements of Success
for Kindergarten

A single, powerful platform that integrates all the ingredients of a high-quality kindergarten program is available only from Teaching Strategies.

The Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten
Encourage all children to think critically, solve problems, and connect ideas. When kindergarteners investigate, discover, and play, they learn.
al's pals product card with a sad chld one stressed and the last happy
Al’s Pals®
Young children need resiliency now, more than ever. Boost social–emotional learning to prepare children for life’s challenges.
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Move beyond measurement and drive differentiated, effective instruction. Inform instruction without disruption by embedding authentic, observation-based assessment into each part of your day.
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Better serve and engage all families with a research-based framework and video modeling to extend and reinforce learning.
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Professional Development
Build and strengthen teacher capacity and professional growth to ensure your program can provide children with the kind of learning environments and experiences they deserve.
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Kodo Kids
Energize children with unique collections of high-quality materials that support hands-on, investigative learning and elevate your classroom experiences.
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The Essentials Kit
Provide all the right materials with one kit. Ensure each classroom has the essential resources teachers need to guide daily learning experiences and spur investigation.
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Create trauma-sensitive, relationship-focused learning environments to mitigate the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on young children.

More Reasons to Love Teaching Strategies for Kindergarten


Play-Based Resources and Developmentally Appropriate Experiences

Hear why our pilot participants recommend The Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten.

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A Whole-Child Approach

Learn more about how our kindergarten solution balances academic rigor with a whole-child approach.

Explore Whole-Child eBook

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Aligned to Early Learning Standards

Aligned to early learning guidelines in each state, so you can demonstrate that your program is meeting all requirements while focusing on the needs of each individual child.

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Support for the Unique Needs of All Learners

At the heart of everything we do are the 38 objectives for development and learning that enable teachers to see children’s development and learning along a progression from birth to age 8.

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Based on Research, Focused on Children

Research on early childhood development is the foundation for all of our kindergarten solutions.

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 A Joyful Kindergarten Classroom

Explore The Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten, a project-based, whole-child focused curriculum support all learners.

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Bring Interest Areas to Life

Kodo collections engage children and are a perfect way for teachers to implement The Creative Curriculum and further promote critical thinking, constructive play, communication, and social relationships.

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The Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten incorporates play through various activities, increasing the engagement of our young students. It’s easy to use and complements existing curriculum we already have in the classroom.”
Mary H. Des Moines, WA
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Take the Biggest Step for All Children

Ensure your kindergarten program supports all learners and teachers with a single, powerful platform that integrates all the essential components for success.

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