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All the Right Classroom Materials.

All in One Kit.

Year after year, teachers have to purchase the materials they need for teaching and learning and often have trouble finding them. Let’s take that burden off their list by providing the everyday materials they need.

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For Teachers

Ensure teachers have the materials they need to effectively facilitate instruction. Our bilingual materials are meant to enhance the implementation of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, but they are suitable for any preschool classroom setting.

For Children

Ensure children have equitable access to the materials they will gravitate toward as they investigate study topics in all of the areas of your preschool classroom and as they participate in and document their discoveries for shared writing.

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What’s Included

• Question of the Day Poster
• Venn Diagram Dry Erase Poster
• Web of Investigation Poster
What Do We Know ? Poster
What Do We Want to Know ? Poster
• Interest Area Labels (1 set of 10)
• Block Labels (49 shapes)
• Extend Learning Prompts (1 set of 15)
• Positive Message Strips (1 set of 6)
• Grid-Lined Laminate Poster
• SEL Posters (2)

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essential kit for investigations
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – This contains small parts.
Not for children under 3 years.

• Clipboards (20)
• Magnifying Glasses (10)
• Tabletop Tripod Magnifier (1)
• Expandable Sorting Hoops (3)
• Measuring Tape (10)
• Balance Scale (1)
• Tweezers (10)
• Eyedroppers (10)
• Stopwatch (1)
• Flashlights (4)

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essentials kit for play
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – This contains small parts.
Not for children under 3 years.

• Shatterproof Mirrors (4)
• Magnetic Letters (wood) – 1 set
• Measuring Cups (1)
• Unifix Cubes (1 set of 100)
• Tangrams (4)
• Geoboards (wood) – 4

• Expression/Emotion Cards (1 set)+
• Plastic Cones (6)
• Texture Paint Rollers (4)
• Artist Paint Pallet (4)
• Book Easels (4)
• Microphone Replica (1)
• Expandable Balls (2)

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Bring Learning to Life in Your Classroom

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Invest in Teachers and Children

The time to invest in high-quality early learning programs with classroom materials that meet the needs of all children is now. Our classroom materials qualify for funding .

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The Everyday Materials for Your Preschool

Implement research-based, investigative learning experiences with high-quality materials for preschool classrooms.

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