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All CDA Training

Our program provides the 120 hours of training, in English and Spanish, in the 8 subject areas needed to fulfill CDA requirements.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Available on demand, our CDA courses come in a variety of flexible formats—from asynchronous to synchronous, from microlearning to multi-day options.

Powerful Learning Community

We give teachers exclusive access to subject matter experts, coaches, and a community of more than 70,000 fellow early childhood educators.

College Credit

Our CDA courses are eligible for college credit, helping to build a foundation of success for teachers.


Educators can save hundreds on CDA training through our program.

CDA Course, Path & Tracker

Our dedicated CDA planning course, learning path, and tracker streamlines teachers’ CDA journey while helping them build their portfolios.

Child Development Associate FAQs

What is the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential?

Administered by the Council for Professional Development, the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential is a widely recognized credential in early childhood education. It is designed to demonstrate a teacher’s expertise and professionalism in working with young children.

What are the benefits of earning the CDA?

Earning the CDA can provide teachers with increased job opportunities, higher pay, and enhanced credibility among parents and employers.

How can I get my CDA training through Teaching Strategies?

We offer CDA training through our Professional Development Teacher Membership. Teachers who want to complete their CDA training through us should share the information on this page with their administrator, who can then purchase the Professional Development Teacher Membership.

Can teachers purchase the Professional Development Teacher Membership?

No. Only administrators are eligible to purchase the Professional Development Teacher Membership for teachers.

Why should I invest in providing a CDA Path for my teachers?

Providing a flexible path to the CDA helps programs recruit and retain teachers supporting their career progression.

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The Council for Professional Recognition appreciates the high-quality online CDA training that Teaching Strategies provides, which has allowed educators to successfully earn their CDA.
Dr. Calvin Moore
CEO, Council for Professional Recognition
Providing a path to the CDA credential helps us recruit and retain teachers. Completing CDA training through the Teacher Membership from Teaching Strategies removes obstacles for our teachers and better meets their needs and fits their lifestyles.
Aleisha Sheridan
President & CEO, Building Blocks
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