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Teachers are facing unprecedented challenges.

Navigating the stress-related impacts the past year has had on young learners.

Recognizing and addressing behaviors that stem from exposure to trauma.

Creating a trauma-sensitive classroom community.

Prioritizing their own self-care and mental

Discover a research-based, relationship-focused digital coach that lives in a teacher’s pocket.

two children in classroom engaged in conversation while playing with wooden blocks

Predict and plan for challenging and disruptive behaviors.

Easily track children’s responses to triggers, identify patterns, understand children better, and plan ahead to mitigate challenging or disruptive behaviors before they occur.

teacher consoling child who is crying with instructions from noni on how to solve

Receive immediate guidance for moments of heightened classroom stress.

Leverage individualized intervention and prevention plans for children exhibiting dysregulated behaviors that stem from exposure to trauma and toxic stress.

teacher in classroom looking out with noni dialog showing emoticons of different emotions

Support teachers in prioritizing their own self-care and mental wellness.

Provide resources that help teachers prioritize their own self-care and mental well-being, which is especially important for those who have trauma-impacted children in their classrooms.

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Learn more about how Noni can help to ensure that every child is able to successfully learn.

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Build teacher knowledge and confidence with “bite-sized” professional development.

Short video, audio, and text-based professional learning opportunities—available on-demand, wherever and whenever teachers might have the time—allow them to learn about trauma and ACEs, dysregulated behaviors, and how to build relationships with trauma-impacted children.

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Reinforce strategies at home with families.

Access resources that help teachers model responsive, relationship-building interactions for families and provide adaptable strategies families can use at home.

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Support preschool, pre-K, and elementary school teachers.

Designed for preschool, pre-K, and elementary school teachers, Noni provides guidance, strategies, and personalized coaching to help teachers create trauma-sensitive, relationship-focused learning environments.


Provide relationship-based support that’s research-validated.

The guidance, strategies, and trauma-informed approach that Noni provides is rooted in and based upon research-validated practices used at Adventist HealthCare’s The Lourie Center for Children’s Social & Emotional Wellness.


Facilitate safe, secure relationships between teachers and children.​

Noni helps teachers build strong relationships with children that act as a buffer against the negative impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).


Build trauma-sensitive classrooms with whole-class focused, relationship-based teaching “micro-practices”.

Create learning environments where children feel safe and where resilience is fostered by implementing “micro-practices” in just a few minutes each day, without subtracting from instructional time.

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Build strong relationships with children.

Create a buffer against the negative impact
of trauma and ACEs with Noni.

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